Friends jogging through the parkMRI, or Magnetic Resonance Imaging, represents one of the greatest advances of modern medicine. This powerful yet non-invasive imaging procedure has no radiation exposure to the patient. Diagnostic radiologists can visualize the earliest appearance of a large variety of diseases and conditions. Besides providing the opportunity for early diagnosis, physicians are able to carefully evaluate the stage or degree of advancement of the condition and help plan for appropriate therapy.

MRI is good for evaluating soft tissues of the body. In particular, the brain, spinal cord, and nerves are seen much more clearly with MRI than regular x-rays and CT scans. In addition, MRI is ideal for evaluating orthopedic and joint conditions as well as the majority of sports related injuries and disc herniations in the neck and back.

At AMI AtlantiCare, our 1.5T High-Field MRI unit provides advanced MRI performance, excellent high resolution image quality, and maximum patient comfort in an anti-claustrophobic environment.

Preparation for MRI Examinations:

  • All patients will be required to change.
  • Safety pins, straight pins, metal hair pins, eyeglasses, hearing aids, removable dental work and all jewelry must be removed before entering the room.
  • Please alert the technologist if you have metal in your body including surgical staples, plates, pins, screws or if you have ever worked with metal.

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