Pediatric Imaging

Mom and children playing in the yardIf your doctor requires an x-ray, MRI, CT or other imaging procedure for your child, it’s important to know you have a choice of providers. Throughout southern New Jersey, informed physicians and patients choose AMI-AtlantiCare.

The experienced team of radiologists at AMI-AtlantiCare understands the unique needs of children, in diagnosing injury and illness. They work together with your child’s pediatrician to provide the best possible care for your child.

When you step into our AMI-AtlantiCare facility, you will find a family-friendly atmosphere and staff members skilled in providing a positive experience for your child. Parents are encouraged to stay with their child during their procedure. At AMI-AtlantiCare, we know that a familiar face can greatly reduce a child’s anxiety and enable the imaging procedure to run quickly and smoothly. State-of-the-art digital technology ensures that your doctor receives your child’s exam results immediately.

Medical Imaging that’s Just the Right Size

There is no question that medical imaging helps save lives. But when it comes to the littlest patients, less is better. AMI-AtlantiCare’s radiologists work to ensure that every imaging study for our pediatric patients is age appropriate.

AMI-AtlantiCare is a proud supporter of the Image Gently™ Alliance, which promotes “child-size” radiation doses in pediatric imaging care. They scan only the indicated area and work to eliminate the need for duplicate scans. The “child-appropriate” protocols we have in place allow us to significantly reduce radiation doses to our younger patients without compromising the images our doctors see.

If I still have concerns, whom should I talk to?

You should first talk to the doctor who requested your child to have an imaging exam. Your doctor and our radiologist can work together to decide which exam is best to perform. If you still have questions, ask to speak to the radiologist.